Sedra Spa : Hair Section


Nothing decorates the beauty and appearance of a lady like hair that is taken care of, and well treated! Sedra Spa acknowledges such a belief and has installed the necessary amenities and manpower to provide a blend of creativity and professionalism. We listen attentively to the needs and preferences of our clients and tailor our salon services to such requirements. Customer satisfaction is key to our success; thus, we prioritize the feedback and contribution of clients regarding salon services. To achieve our goal of becoming the spa of choice, we appreciate, welcome, and treat our clients with a high level of courtesy.


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At Sedra Spa, we enjoy what we do, hence carry our hair-related services with passion, intimacy, and a positive attitude. We offer our clients a wide array of options as well as guide them on the most suitable treatment or style, guided by the expertise that Sedra Spa prides on. Notably,  we provide services on hair treatment, hair wash, haircut, and hair colouring. The hair-related services at Sedra Spa are world-class, primarily offered by talented and highly qualified specialists. The recruitment process at Sedra Spa filters only the passionate professionals who understand and appreciate the core values of our business. 

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At Sedra Spa, we acknowledge that salon services are not just braiding or treating the hair of our guests but also providing a comfortable and customized service in a serene environment. We ventured into the beauty and luxury market, not by accident, but because we chose to and intend to revolutionize salon services, especially by using our secret beauty products. Mostly, we always welcome our clients with open arms, anytime because we believe that they are, and will remain the cornerstone to our Sedra Spa community.