Sedra Spa : Nail Section

Sedra Spa offers high-standard cosmetic and therapeutic services in a wide range of areas to enhance the beauty and well-being of our customers. Importantly, we value perfection and customer satisfaction; thus, our professionals take their time to ensure the delivery of exemplary nail treatment and polishing. While we strive to beautify the nails of our clients, the main goal is to ensure that they are done to their specific tastes and preferences. Ideally, we customize the nail polishing endeavor and ensure that every client is engaged and treated warmly and interactively. Indeed, we under-promise and over-deliver cosmetic services at Sedra Spa!

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We Value Your Nails

At Sedra Spa, the nails of our clients are more than just vestigial keratin-filled claws. Instead, we understand the role of nails as a core part of one’s entire beauty. That is why every effort is put to ensure world-class nail polishing.

Normally, when nails are not well made, they get at risk of peeling off or just cracking. Cracked nails may interrupt the flawless beauty of other parts of the body and may at some point become a big nuisance. Thus, Sedra Spa ensures that finger and toe nails are given the attention they deserve. Because customers often want their nail plates are well protected and decorated, Sedra Spa has the mixture of skills and passion to get this sorted, always!

We Pay Attention To Detail

Our professionals are very keen while treating your nails, including upholding the color and texture because these are the fine lines that define our uniqueness. At Sedra, we take our time to perfect nail treatment and polishing because it is one of the most easily noticed parts of the human body.

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Services at the Nails Section  

At Sedra Spa, we provide up to 45 services under the nails treatment and polishing section.

This is divided into four main sub-sections including: Pedi & Mani, Enrichment, Treatment and Nail Art. We grant an opportunity to our clients to select their preferred services from the above sub-sections when they set foot into Sedra Spa for nail services.

To further enhance the specific nail-work at Sedra Spa, we provide various therapeutic and cosmetic services under the following sub-sections:

a)    Pedi & Mani: We offer spa manicure, spa pedicure, spa manicure & pedicure, French manicure, French pedicure, French manicure & pedicure, Shape & Polish change (different services for the hand, feet and combo), Shape & French Change (different services for the hand, feet and combo), changing color (different services for the hand, feet and combo), Gellish (manicure, pedicure, manicure & pedicure), Gellish shape and Polish (manicure, pedicure and combo), Add on French Gel and Gellish removal.

b)   Nail Enrichment: Acrylic Nails Full Set hands, add on French on Acrylic, add on Gellish on Acrylic, Acrylic refill full hand, Accrylic repair per nail, Acrylic removal, Gel nails full set hands, add on French on gel, add on Gellish on gel, Gel refil full hand, gel repair per nail, gel removal, fake nails full set hands, add on French on fake nails, Add on Gellish on fake nails and fake nails removal.

c)    Nail Treatment: Sedra Rituals manicure, Sedra Rituals pedicure and Lavender paraffin treatment (for hand and feet)

d)    Nail Arts: One can either go for basic design per nail or creative nail with gems/stone per nail.

At Sedra Spa, Our options are broad, and so are the professional services!

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